The Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) is an independent regulatory agency dedicated to serving the public interest by assuring safe, reliable, and reasonably priced services for the public utilities and motor carriers.

The LPSC consists of five elected Commissioners who serve overlapping terms of six years and a staff of 122, created by Article IV, Section 21 of the 1921 Constitution of the State of Louisiana. It succeeded the Railroad Commission of Louisiana that was created by the 1898 Constitution.

The overall goals of the Commission are to ensure a regulatory balance that enables utilities to provide customers with safe, adequate and reliable service, at rates that are just and reasonable, equitable and economically efficient, and that allow utilities an opportunity to earn a fair rate of return on their investment.

In addition, the Commission continues to take an active and cautious role in development of a competitive, market-based approach to utility regulation whenever such an approach is in the public interest.